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Buying property experiences turned into a cake walk

Being in the real estate market for over a decade and knowing the nitty-gritty, we have gained significant expertise in delivering dream homes to our clients. Our meticulous approach and due diligence of the unique needs of our clients, position us as a trustworthy partner in getting the best for our clients.

SpaceCraft works with a range of properties, which helps clients to choose from options that address their requirements. The property market is continually evolving and is often volatile. Our market research leg is continuously engaged to keep us well informed about the latest availability of the properties both in the Primary market, wherein the builder has a direct stock of homes or properties to sell, and in the Secondary market, wherein clients wish to procure from a pool of the used real estate properties.

Our association with multiple builders[link to the partners page] gives us the ability to help clients choose from a wide range of options and arrive at the best deal for our clients.

Buying a residential property or buying a big house doesn’t always call for shelling out more money. We act as an extended marketing arm for all leading property builders in the city. And, our strong relationship with these builders help us get a better deal for clients than they would otherwise get from direct purchases.

Our transparent discussions with clients about different property options equip the clients to make informed decisions.


Your property has a value, help us to help you get the right customer

A property seller can utilize multiple avenues on digital and physical platforms to advertise their properties. However, these involve many challenges to the seller – investing time to show the property to many potential buyers who may or may not be serious buyers, at time that can be erratic and require the house owner to be physically available at all times.

With our cost-effective property selling services, sellers can relax, as showing the property to prospective clients is an integral part of our service.

We strive to maximize the bottom lines for both the sellers and the buyers to arrive at a win-win state. We work in collaboration with sellers and assist them in property evaluation with our deep insights about the market. We therefore empower clients in arriving at the right price for their property, striking a fair balance between the market value and the desired price, viable enough to attract potential buyers.

Whether you want to sell a flat/apartment, villament/villa, or an independent home, we comb through our database and utilize our network to find potential buyers. We also act as a negotiation catalyst to bring both parties on a common platform and help initiate the trade execution.

Our strategic alliances with other real estate consultants and associations that we are part of enable us to expedite the selling process.


Bring clients closer to their homes

Our services extend beyond property buying and selling to renting services as well.

Owning rental properties is financially enriching and lucrative. However, it also demands a considerable commitment of time and effort interacting, shortlisting and closing on the right tenant, that may exhaust the owner. Availing our rental services will also ease out the routine hassles of running and maintaining the income property.

We as property mediators firstly inspect the rental property through the lens of a prospective tenant and evaluate the property to check for any alterations or refinements that tenants may require. This approach helps in attracting and retaining quality tenants in the long term.

Owners willing to rent a property also often find it difficult to identify suitable tenants. With our rich experience in working with rental properties gives us the advantage of recognizing and thorough screening of potential tenants. Our tenant clients are transparent and mature in their dealings and look after the homes they stay as their own.

Understanding landlord-tenant applicable laws is a critical task, which if not studied meticulously, may trigger inadvertently overstepping the legitimate boundaries. And this is where a property consultant can pitch in, apply his knowledge, and seamlessly drive the process, avoiding legal hassles.

Most of the communities do not encourage renting their properties to groups of individuals. Also, it is an uphill task to sign the rental agreement with multiple people. We understand and take into consideration such confinements and barriers and bring appropriate tenants for our clients.

At the same time, those who want a rental space are usually skeptical about the owner’s know-hows. Approaching the owners through a property consultant instills a sense of security in those seeking rental space.

Our renting services involve drawing up and finalizing agreements between the owner of the property and the tenants. We enable building and upholding cordial relationships between our two groups of clients, ensuring a perfect win-win for both parties. 

Hence, for those of you looking for a place, we can help you find one that suits your needs and budget, and most importantly a place for you to call home.


At Spacecraft, your house is our home

For owners who reside in other cities or countries, owning a property in Bangalore is lucrative and a symbol of pride, but maintaining and managing it is an overwhelming process. Here, we don the hat of a property manager and carry out all the critical activities needed to maintain the property in the best condition, on behalf of the owner. 

Owners not residing in Bangalore may not have the time and bandwidth to communicate and coordinate with multiple agencies or contractors to get the home ready before renting. This service eliminates the hassles for the owners having to reach out to multiple agencies to manage their property in their absence. And if the owner has multiple houses to handle, then it will further add to the stress. As a property manager, we licitly and promptly manage and even attend to all the issues that may arise for a property.

The transparency in our approach and quality of service has led to clients entrusting us with the responsibility of managing and maintaining their homes, spread across Bangalore. 

We render end-to-end services like structuring the agreement, inking the deal and couriering to the owner, taking stock of the keys, and resolving any issues relating to seepage, electrical, plumbing, civil that the tenant may face. We also provide assistance related to managing society related processes like the move-in/ move-out or getting the no due certificate when the tenant vacates the home. The tenant raises complaints through emails with a copy to the owner and we follow the suit to close the complaints.

We leave no stone unturned in managing your property with our dedication and cost-effective services.

Our interior design partner gives us a flexible arm to design or renovate the homes. Many of our clients hitherto have availed these services as Spacecraft acts as a single window for them to refurbish the property and entice the prospective tenants.