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Do I have to register to use Spacecraft?

No. You do not need to register to use Spacecraft. It is free to use, since we upload the content all the time we only need you to share your details through our Contact Us form.

What kind of properties are listed on Spacecraft?

Spacecraft deals with Row Houses, Villaments/Villas in gated communities, High-end Luxury Flats/Apartments with amenities, Independent homes and  Plots, Land banks for development, Furnished and Unfurnished Apartments, Gated community apartments, and new residential projects.  Each property is vetted thoroughly by Space Craft to ensure the standards before it is posted on the site.

Does Spacecraft get a commission for each referral?

Yes.  Spacecraft charges a fee for its services towards ensuring your property dealings are done with ease.  We are here to help you find the right property and customer. 

Does Spacecraft endorse legitimacy of the properties on its website?

 Spacecraft believes that all the information on the website is correct. However, there may be some exceptions where all information may not be available for us to validate the same. 

How can I arrange for a visit to see the property?

We will arrange your visit to the property at a time and date convenient to you. we will coordinate with you and the property promoters to ensure your convenience is met and you get all information in one meeting.

If I know exactly what I want but can not find an exact match, what can I do?

Spacecraft will be happy to work with you through our premium services. Please contact  Spacecraft by calling us at +91 90350 44455 or click Contact Us to send us an email. 

Can I buy property on

No.  is a information site helps you understand our breadth of services and variety of options we have pre-vetted for you.  You need to contact us in order to make a further enquiry. 

A sold property came up in my search results. Why?

We work tirelessly with our builders and property owners to make sure our listings are the most accurate and up to date. Sometimes we may be expecting a new apartment being made available for us to sell, in which case we may not remove to ensure we activate the same again, but may edit the information to fit the property.  If you discover that a property is sold, please contact us.

How do I post a classified with Spacecraft?

We make it simple for you. Reach out to us by phone or fill the form in our Contact Us page. We will reach out to you and discuss the proceedings

Can I edit a posting once it is up on the website?

You can reach out to us and we will make the required changes.

Why am I not receiving any responses for my classified or rental property?

There could be a  number of reasons you are not receiving enquiries:

  • Not enough pictures or details were included in the post
  • The rates might not be as competitive as other properties

Solutions – Share your property information  information and compare your rates to other postings to see if they are competitive. We will assist you to decide on the right price.

Does Spacecraft charge the user to search for properties?

No.  You can search the site as often as you like at no charge.

Does Spacecraft provide any financing for the properties listed?

No. But as part of our services, we help you secure the most competitive loan available in the market.

How do I contact the property owner?

When you sign up for our services, we arrange you to meet with the property owner / promoter.  

Can I sell property to Spacecraft?

No. You can’t sell a property to Spacecraft. You can list your property for sale through us.

Do you provide any other services to help me buy a property?

YES! We have a range of premium services.  We can do everything from help you identify what you want to helping you find the finance to pay for it.

Can I post any property for rent on Spacecraft?

Yes. Spacecraft works with you to get the right customers for your property. Once you share all your property information we will post the same on our website and also find for customers through our database.